Instructions for Use

Steps for Application:

Coloring hair and covering gray roots is easy! No messy spray. No clumpy color. ROOTSTIX is an easy-to-use, temporary hair color that you draw on with our soft brush-like pen. Use ROOTSTIX on dry hair, after applying mousse or gel products.

To Use:

  1. Place the small comb (included) at the root of the hair
  2. Draw on the color with the soft tip ROOTSTIX hair pen
  3. Comb through the color, touch up wisps and strays with a swipe

For wisps and strands beyond the root just touch-up with a quick swipe of the fine tip. Perfect for men and women. Additionally, use ROOTSTIX as temporary color for your eyebrows.

The change is instant and the color lasts up to 3 days (sometimes more). To remove, simply wash hair with shampoo.

This product contains ingredients which may cause certain individuals to develop skin irritations. Before applying ROOTSTIX, please perform a simple allergy test 48 hours before first use. To do this, simply apply a small amount of ROOTSTIX to the inside of your wrist or elbow. Let dry. If redness or irritation occurs, please discontinue use.