How many strokes are necessary to cover my emerging roots?
The light weight, formula and applicator pen allows RootStix to brush in easily, exactly where you target – from roots to wisps, brows, and moustache and beard for men.

How long will RootStix last?
RootStix color lasts up to 3 days after application without washing. Depending on color strokes and the frequency of use, your RootStix hair color pen should last anywhere from 12 to 18 months once opened.

Can I sleep with RootStix? Will it stain clothes and bedding?
RootStix dries instantly and won’t bleed even if you sweat or cry (which if you feel like crying, please visit our Take Part blog to feel inspired). If left unwashed, RootsStix will last from one – three days, even when washing hair. To note, because RootStix does not contain chemical stabilizers, applied areas will get lighter with normal hair brushing and regular daily activities so touching up may be necessary.

How long does RootStix last after opening?
Once opened, RootStix lasts up to 18 months.

Should I choose a color lighter or darker than my shade?
You can go either way with RootStix! If you have a large amount of coverage go darker and comb through (check out your mini on-the-go combe included in the RootStix package). If you want to be able to choose levels of color try a lighter shade as you can layer in easily with spot-brushing tip of the RootStix hair pen.

How do gels, sprays, and leave in conditioners or other products affect my RootStix color?
The ease-of-use applying RootStix is matched by its stabilizing formula. Brush in the color then style your hair as you normally would style on any given day. Apply RootStix before any other product to assure you have the right coverage. You can use any product after applying from oils, gels, sprays, conditioners, etc. Share your before and after photos on Facebook and be a part of our story! Feel free to send us your testimonials here or on Amazon.

I chose the wrong shade, can I send it back?
Yes, you may return it within 30 days of receipt of the product. Please click here to contact us about product return information and address. Please include the product and your receipt when you send.

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