Face Shape Hairstyles for Men

Choose a Hairstyle According to your Face Shape!

With all the trending fall and winter hairstyles, it can be difficult deciding on a style. Before deciding on that modern or retro look, it is wise to choose a hairstyle that best suites the shape of your face.

Below are some tips to follow when deciding on a hairstyle that is right for you. Remember to consult with your barber or stylist before making any drastic changes and to make sure you understand your true face shape.


Long Oblong Face | Face Shape Hairstyles for Men The Long/Oblong Face:

Choose a style that is shorter on top and longer on the sides. Add a few layers to cover up your front hairline. If you can grow a short beard, this would be helpful in adding an overall balance to your face. Remember to keep the beard nice and short because a longer beard will lengthen your face even more.Long Oblong Face | Mens Hair StylesActor with Long Face: Hugh Laurie


Triangular Face | Face Shape Hairstyles for Men

Triangular Face:

A side part with bangs swept to the side will add the illusion of a wider chin or narrow the forehead. Longer hairstyles with lots of volume on the top are recommended.

Triangular Face | Mens Hair StylesActor with Triangular Face: Ryan Gosling


Diamond Face | Face Shape Hairstyles for Men

Diamond Face:

Styles with bangs will help minimize the forehead. Long and shaggy haircuts will look best for this face shape.

Diamond Face | Mens Hair StylesActor/Comedian with Diamond Face: Dane Cook


Square Face | Face Shape Hairstyles for Men

Square Face:

The square face is associated with masculinity and a chiseled jaw line. Opposite of the long face, keep your sides short with length and volume on top. Softness around the edges looks best with a nice clean cut around the ears. Avoid a center part and don’t go too short!

Square Face | Mens Hair Styles Famous Athlete with Square Face: David Beckham

Oval Face Hairstyle for Men | Face Shape Hairstyles for Men

Oval Face:

This face shape is considered the ideal shape for men and almost any hairstyle will work, whether short or long. When deciding on a style, consider which facial features you want to accentuate or minimize.

Oval Face | Mens Hair Styles

Actor with Oval face: Jude Law


Round Face Mens Hairstyle | Face Shape Hairstyles for MenRound Face:

In order to provide more balance, keep your sides clean and short. Add volume and length to the top or even try an off-centered part to minimize the roundness. Square hairstyles work best with this face shape.

Round Face

Actor with Round Face: Gerard Butler


Heart Face Hairstyle for Men  | Face Shape Hairstyles for Men

Heart Face:

Longer hairstyles and a short or stubbly beard will look best on a heart shaped face. The key is to maintain proportion of the upper and lower halves of your face.

Heart Face | Mens Hair Styles

Actor with Heart Shape: Brad Pitt