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“I usually spend over $160 everytime I step foot in a salon, now with ROOTSTIX I can wait a few more weeks in between coloring!”

“A little roots showing use to be no big deal, as I got older, gray roots would start showing every two weeks. ROOTSTIX solves my gray hair problem by not having to color my hair so often with harsh products.”

“I color my hair a lot, it has endured so many harsh chemicals I am scared of the long term affects of such frequent use. ROOTSTIX is a gentle solution to my hair coloring woes.”

“During my pregnancy I could not find a solution to hair touch ups that were not full of harmful products. ROOTSTIX allowed me to still look my best without spending hours in a salon.”

My New Fave Product (my little secret that saves me time and money)
Rootstix is my new secret weapon in the battle to age gracefully! I always get frustrated when just a few weeks after a pricey salon visit upwards of two hundred dollars, those annoying little gray hairs pop up again just at the root line. Sure, I was a bit skeptical at first to try this product. Would it really work? It does! And it’s like magic. Imagine having a way to quickly color in just those few gray hairs in seconds in the morning. Between work and kids, who has time or money to keep running back to the salon every few weeks? Just grab the Rootstix and quickly color in the gray with a color that matches the rest of your hair. Voila! In less than a minute, you look like you just stepped out of the salon and are out the door to drop off the kids and head to that important work meeting looking your best. Might come in handy for that high school reunion and other important social events. Handy to have one in your vanity drawer, and one in your handbag. Perhaps one in the travel toiletry case, too…

Easy to use and good colors!
I LOVE this product. It’s so easy to use and definitely covers up the stray grays that suddenly appear in between colorings. The pen tip is narrow enough to touch up individual strands or wide enough to color several strands at a time. The packaging is sleek and compact and easily fits into small make-up bag or pocket. I like that it’s made for on-the-go use. Great for in the car touch ups before a any occasion. The colors easily blend with all hair colors. I highly recommend this product.

A must-have!
Rootstix is now a must-have in my purse! Not only is it really effective in touching up roots, it’s easy to use, compact, and quick to apply. I was really impressed with how perfectly the color matched my hair, meaning I won’t have to get it colored as regularly anymore (such a cost savings). I would recommend Rootstix to anyone who is considering coloring their hair or needs a touch up.

Love this product, it really works!
I have tried all sorts of products to extend my color (Root Touch-Up, WOW powder, washout colors) and have been disappointed with all of them. Rootstix really works! My gray usually comes out within 3 weeks, I do not want to color my hair that often as this will damage the hair, and be very expensive to keep up. Root Touch-Up added stress on my hair due to additional processing, and messes up my overall color as it grows out. Rootstix is so easy, I hold the hair down and paint across the strands and it totally covers the gray. I have had no trouble with the color coming off on my fingers, or it weighing my hair down. I am very pleased and will definitely purchase this again.

Perfect little touch up secret!
My grey roots always drove me crazy. I would spend, as you know, lots of money at the salon only to see the silver emerge from my scalp a week later. Rootstix changed all of that. It does exactly what it sets out to do- cover those roots. It is so easy to apply- simply brilliant. Finally someone created the perfect product for those times when you really need a little something. I keep it in my purse and may buy another for the car. I also tried it on my husbands side burns. It’s a great product for women and men.

This product rocks!
I have long, dark hair and just a little bit of grey I need to cover at my temples and along my part. I tried a different product for awhile and it really didn’t work – the mascara like application wand would get stuck in my hair and I’d end up with gooey clumps of color that would come off on my fingers if I ran my hands through my hair during the day. Rootstix is way better, looks very natural and stays on longer. One great thing about this product is that they thought to include this little brush so you can apply the color very precisely. It dries pretty much instantly and does not come off on my hands. It is perfect for in-between color appointments at my hair dresser and has allowed me to extend color treatments by about 2 months. I love this product.

My new favorite root corrector!
Thanks to a friends recommendation, I bought this product a couple of weeks ago and I’m so happy that I did!! I’m so self-conscious about my roots that I usually get my hair colored ever 3-4 weeks, which was getting WAY too expensive. I’m so thankful that I found this product! Not only is it saving me money but it’s also just so easy… I’ve tried other root touch-up products in the past but this one by FAR takes the cake with it’s ease of application! Will definitely be buying more! Thanks!

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