Maura Keenan, Founder of ROOTSTIX

Maura Keenan

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DNA is a funny thing. My personal genetic code, for my hair at least, likely came from my two great grandmothers. Mary Rosella McKeever, on my mother’s side, was Italian with long, black hair until the day she died … at 96! Kathleen Lamey Keenan, on my father’s side, had wavy reddish brown hair that turned completely white by the time she was 28 years old.

My mother always warned me that my dark brown hair wouldn’t last, and she was right. By the time I turned 15 my hair was already turning gray – well actually white thanks to Grandma Kathleen. Everyday I searched for the white strands and plucked despite the ol’ wives tale “two will grow back.” And I was a competitive swimmer so the chlorine didn’t help my situation.

By my early 20’s, I started coloring my hair and realized how expensive maintenance would be and how fast my hair grew – roots would show within the first week. Even the store-bought dyes couldn’t keep up with my wisps of white. Additionally, the constant coloring of my hair caused build up and my dark brown hair was now black and the ammonia – an active ingredient in hair coloring products – had weakened my hair.

What to do? I found ‘root touch-up’ products and thought I had solved my problem only to realize the application process was so messy. I was a grad student but not in art so staying within the hairline was hard!

Maura Keenan, Inventor of ROOTSTIX

 ROOTSTIX Application to Maura’s Gray Hairs

By 35, my hair was about 35% white and I continued coloring my hair frequently with varied results. Work, marriage, and yes a first child put life in perspective. I switched to organic treatments; they are wonderful but take twice the amount of time and last half as long.

I wanted a simple solution that was stress free and less harmful to my hair. As a consumer analyst research is something I love to do, and now with a child making a safe product that could help streamline my day and maintain my hair color was an obsession. How many other people were dealing with this same problem? Color sprays, mascara wands, and other devices were on the shelf but I wanted something even easier … actually I needed something foolproof.

After more than two decades of looking for a substitute method for coloring my hair, I created my own alternative, Rootstix.

It’s easy, from parting my hair and combing through color to spotting a hair and swiping the gray away – the fine paint brush tool is made to be precise, so that the coloring solution goes exactly where you want it to go. The tip is shaped like a cone so you can target a single hair or a crop of hairs. It is temporary and it washes out, so I am not over-coloring my hair or exposing it to harmful chemicals.

Rootstix can also be used for highlighting and lowlighting hair between salon visits. Since its temporary, you don’t have to deal with foils or harmful chemicals. And it travels well!

Starting a business has always been a goal and creating a product that helps both men and women – busy parents and other entrepreneurs – is so exciting. Finding a solution for my gray hair is an innovation to help others extend their own hair color. I hope Rootstix saves you time and is a great solution for extending your hair color. More colors are coming … this is only the beginning.

I have been looking for a product like Rootstix since I was 15 years old. I am now 41 years old and I think I have found an extremely useful solution to a somewhat embarrassing problem. Try it for yourself!